Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Extension at West Beech Avenue, SS11

Always grateful to expand our client base, we are happy to and enjoy working outside of London (thanks to our trusty vehicle which gives us the opportunity to explore and expand our knowledge of our island). In fact, most of our work as a small practice originally started in the surrounding suburbs of London. Sticking to our word, we have recently been appointed for a side extension for planning purposes at a semi detached house within the borough of Basildon, Essex.
Planning the route in the office.

The two bedroom property stands in a prominent position as a corner piece on a quiet 1960's residential close and features an extensive garden (and shed) in proportion to the size of the house. The client previously resided in Central London, and relocated with his family, which is now expanding, to further afield. The side extension intends to accommodate his growing family. The client original planned for a single storey side extension, comprising a larger kitchen and living area but an increased budget has provided another storey including a walk- in- wardrobe and play room.

The property in suburban context

During our first visit we observed an existing extension opposite the property which acted as an ideal precedent for planning purposes. We investigated the planning history of the locale which highlighted the neighboring property had recently been grated this extension which we referenced in our design and access statement and a small massing study model to scale 1: 100. Working and thinking with our hands through physical models is an invaluable part of the design process regardless of job type and is always a refreshing break away from CAD, as is a little time spent on Photoshop finalizing drawings.

Proposed elevation illustrating the extension in context

As per contract, the measured survey, production of all drawings and documentation was submitted to the council within a week. We are always committed to producing work on time and according to regulations and the specified contract, in this case 7 working days.

The property and proposed development with the neighboring extension in the background.

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