Monday, 10 January 2011

Pop and Slot!

After our recent exploits with the CNC machine we decided to approach last years Christmas cards in a similar vain. Much like last minute Christmas shopping, the whole process was rather stressful! Whilst the card was conceived in a matter of moments, the most time consuming and stressful part was spent tracking down a suitable laser cutter (which wasn’t going to charge ridiculous amounts) and then amending the file so it could be successfully read. With the mail coming to a stand till, the clock was ticking and Christmas day was nearing.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The laser cutter was eventually used to cut multiple small envelope sized cards which held two detachable tree profiles that would combine to form a small three-dimensional cardboard tree. Studio Idealyc was embossed onto the card and had the budget been considerably greater, a small message would too have been inscribed. Thin slices of trace with the printed message and a small quirky instruction manual were instead draped around the card, the result quiet pleasing!

Attaching the Christmas message

Intending to spread the Christmas cheer, we set up an impromptu email account to receive photographs of the trees in their new locations and with the hope of reaching out to some new and some long lost clients!

The assembled tree... 1 + 2 = TREE

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